Endowed Scholarship

Having supported the Educational Foundation of AAUW on the national level for the first 100 years of its existence, AAUW Phoenix Branch was delighted, in September 2011, to add local scholarships to its educational goals. At this time a permanent Phoenix Branch AAUW endowment of $10,000 was funded through the Maricopa Community College Foundation giving the Phoenix Branch a permanent donor status. This endowment is to provide scholarships to young women pursuing an education at Phoenix College.  AAUW Phoenix Branch is listed on the interactive donor recognition wall at Hannelly Center at Phoenix College in the Leadership Society ($10,000-$49,999) section.

The criteria to apply for the endowed scholarship are:

  1. I plan to be a full time student with the majority of hours to be taken at Phoenix College.
  2. I am seeking a degree.
  3. I have completed more than 15 credit hours.
  4. I have a minimum 3.5 GPA.
  5. I am a U.S. resident.
  6. Through the details on my application, I have clearly demonstrated financial need.
  7. Preference is given to female students.

Martha Hoyt Memorial Scholarship

Thanks to the combined efforts and support of members, fundraisers have earned us enough money to fund this memorial scholarship in addition to the endowed scholarship.  This memorial scholarship is for our President who passed away during her term in February 2014.

 The criteria to apply for the Martha Hoyt Memorial Scholarship are:

  1. The Candidate must be a woman student at a fully accredited Arizona College
  2. The Candidate must have completed at least fifteen college credits.
  3. The Candidate must be a degree-seeking student with at least a 3.0 GPA in college level courses, or making satisfactory progress (as determined by the scholarship committee) towards obtaining her chosen degree
  4. The Candidate must be a legal U.S. resident.
  5. The Candidate must submit a completed AAUW or Phoenix College Scholarship application which contains biographical information, education goals, community service involvement and financial need.

The AAUW application is to be sent to the contact person, on page 1 of the website or given to the scholarship committee chairperson.

Click here to download the Scholarship Application